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Welcome to Texas.gov!

You’re at the right place to take care of government transactions, find informationabout our great state, engage with your government, or just get pointed in the right direction.

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Start here to take care of your government business online. It’s convenient, safe, and so much better than standing in line!

Are you compliant with federal REAL ID requirements?

Starting October 1, 2020, you’ll need a valid passport, a U.S. military ID, or a REAL ID-compliant driver license with a gold star to travel in the U.S.

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Thumbnails of Driver's License
Got a valid passport or a gold star?
You’re compliant and good to go!

No gold star? You have options!
If your license or ID expires before October 2020, you’ll get the gold star on your next renewal. If your card expires before October 2022, you can renew up to two years ahead of time to get the gold star.

Can I renew online?
Visit texas.gov/dlrenewal to check your eligibility and renew your driver license or ID online, or you can visit a DPS office.

Need more info on REAL ID ?
Use the REAL ID Document Check for a customized checklist of the documents you’ll need to bring to your Driver License Office visit. Get more detailed information on REAL ID compliance at the DPS REAL ID website.


Save your driving to see the more scenic attractions across Texas. Skip the office lines and take care of all your driving business online.

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State Agencies

Navigating government agencies can be tougher than dry brisket. Here you’ll find contact info and more for all the state agencies.


Apply for or renew a professional license. Easy. Now.

Ready to go to work? Need to start a business?

Looking for a job?WorkinTexas is an online job search and matching system maintained by the Texas Workforce Commission and Texas Workforce Solutions.
Texas Business Advisor
Starting a business in Texas?Visit Texas Business Advisor, offered by the Texas Comptroller, to learn how to start a business in Texas.

In your neighborhood

Dern it! Need to go to a government office? Let us help you find one. We can also help you locate fun stuff like parks and libraries.

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Here’s a bunch of really great general information.
We’ve wrangled it together by subject for easy browsing.


Connect with Texas government here – one tweet, post, video, pin, or picture at a time!

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Official state documents! Order vital records, print driver records, and more – straight from the horse’s mouth.

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